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Welcome to Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC, Trauma Psychotherapy in Honolulu

Welcome to Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC, Trauma Psychotherapy in HonoluluWelcome to Shari Au, Ph.D., LLC, Trauma Psychotherapy in Honolulu

Trauma Therapy


Our Psychotherapy Practice

Psychotherapy is expedited with cutting edge Low Energy Neurofeedback System, LENS, and rapid resolution trauma therapies: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, EMDR; Thought Field Therapy, TFT;  Brain Spotting.   ADHD, overload-overwhelm-burn-out, anxiety, stress, depression alleviated quickly. Resolving trauma eliminates triggers, supports  action initiation, follow through, memory improves.   Emotionally blocked life patterns once resolved free you to develop more effective coping and strategies to achieve your goals.  


Our Treatment Focus

We use the fastest therapy techniques to achieve your goals and can expedite progress with Low Energy Neurofeedback.   We resolve causal traumas through EMDR or Brainspotting or Thought Field Therapy to eliminate overwhelming triggers, compulsions, negative emotions.  By eliminating entrenched behaviors, old patterns dissipate, you can develop more effective, productive, life enhancing behaviors.  Eliminating emotional blocks allows behaviors to spontaneously become more functional.  

Emotion Focused couples therapy, EFT,  helps you to recognize and escape conflict patterns and the reactionary feelings driving them.  It supports your getting in touch with yourself, to disclose genuine feelings.


Session 1 is orientation: We discuss history, target issues, and goal(s). Different therapies are explained and your questions answered.  Therapy methods are recommended  to maximize  progress specific to you.  Therapist and client  corroborate a therapy plan.    


Our Promise

We corroborate throughout the therapy journey.  Your input guides  therapy technique(s), pace, and dose (LENS).   Compulsions, addictions, low esteem, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress symptoms, can arise from developmental trauma, which when resolved change life dynamics. Productive behaviors emerge in relationships and situations post therapy.  We customize treatment to  the individual to facilitate maximum rapid progress.  Achieve your goals,  be who you want to be, now.   

Our Therapy


Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

LENS, EMDR, TFT, & Brain Spotting are methods that can resolve  issues that cause  depression, fear, loss, grief, anxiety, quickly and permanently.   EMDR unfreezes locked trauma in the brain.  TFT clears blocks on the acupuncture meridian system.  Brain Spotting works at subcortical/feeling levels, in the limbic system, below the neocortex/ thinking level.    Cutting edge LENS stimulates brain reorganization to maximize cognitive functioning.  This mediates ADHD, lifts depression, calms anxiety, revitalizes burn-out, improves cognitive functioning in seconds.  It  expedites other therapies with brain reorganization during trauma therapy activation.  Initiative, motivation,  comprehension, thinking clarity, memory, mood, behaviors improve.  LENS expedites other therapies:  Increases suppression opening with EMDR, Brainspotting, and Thought Field Therapy.  Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapies allow  your capabilities, to spontaneously emerge. 



Trauma & PTSD

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety


EMDR is in the guidelines of American Psychiatric Association, (APA) Dept of Defense, (DoD) Veterans Administration, (VA) and World Health Organization, (WHO).  It is 'Strongly recommended for PTSD'.  Overcome grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD in a few sessions.  Combining LENS with other techniques expedites progress.


By accessing subcortical brain regions, Brain Spotting can open unknown awarenesses, release unconscious grief, despair, sadness.   Core emotional issues can be healed.  It is life changing in its ability to reach unconscious emotions stored over a lifetime.  




Depression & Anxiety


Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson, PhD,  recognizes conflictual interaction patterns,  explores  feelings underlying defenses, enables dislosure, strengthening  connection.  By resolving individual issue(s) we facilitate partner work,  eliminate reactivity, enable couples to work together on relationship. Sessions are held both individually and in couple format.

Trauma Therapies

Providing psychotherapy since 1986 resulted in my realizing that CBT, or talk therapy, doesn't resolve trauma. Dr. Bessel Van De Kolk, traumatic stress expert, notes this  in his book, The Body Keeps the Score. 

LENS,  EMDR, Brainspotting, and TFT techniques can resolve trauma and shift entrenched lifelong patterns rapidly. Mood and behaviors change  permanently with minimum delving into the issue.  Psycho-education,  skill building, corroborative problem solving supplement understanding.  

Low Energy Neurofeedback


Low Energy Neurofeedback, LENS: description

Neuro-feedback provides feedback on brain function, just as bio-feedback provides feedback on body function.  Unlike EEG neurofeedback, which trains your brain to therapist selected frequencies in 30-50 minutes over 120 sessions, a LENS application takes seconds. LENS lets your brain do its own retraining  by stimulating brain reorganization customized to you.  It  increases neuro-plasticity.   

LENS is a very subtle electromagnetic signal, 4000 times gentler than your cell phone signal.  By stimulating your brain to reorganize, it optimizes functioning, opens suppression/repression.  A few people  may revisit former  behaviors, emotions, or conditions as suppression opens.  Sometimes this flushing appears to worsen behavior before improving it.  LENS doesn't input or extract anything so whatever surfaces was in the brain.  When ODD momentarily worsens, it is flushing.  With severe histories, opening suppression/flushing may temporarily feel destabilizing before improving.   LENS doesn't input or remove anything from the brain; its just a very gentle stimulus. When capabilities, IQ, or physical conditions improve, they were inherent in the brain, just suppressed.  

Most people notice cognitive improvements within 5 sessions. Severe stress can appear to neutralize LENS gains. A strong LENS can alleviate past brain stress but it cannot forestall future stressors.  Weak self-monitors notice nothing despite brain map changes.   Their family may notice improvements in them.   

LENS benefits

LENS expedites EMDR, Brainspotting, TFT and most psychotherapies,  It is improves functioning in traumatic brain injury, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, academic/occupational performance.

With children LENS aligns behavior effortlessly when cognitive functioning is optimized.  It is non-pharmaceutical, can shift functioning/behavior quickly.

With college students LENS reduces procrastination, improves initiative, comprehension,  recall, writing, follow through, clear thinking, and focus.

With adults LENS expedites other psychotherapies, improves initiative, follow through, focus. An overdose can quickly lift acute/chronic depression, exit exhaustion to function again, diminish lifelong dysthymia. It calms anxiety, improves mood, optimizes cognitive functioning.

With seniors  facets of cognitive functioning, processing speed, memory, mood, sleep,, balance, energy, initiative, stamina, improve.

LENS overdose

LENS overdose is harmless though uncomfortable. An overdose reorganizes the brain to a greater extent, may take longer, may cause discomfort:  low or intermittent headache,  insomnia, irritability.  Cognitive functioning  improves once discomfort passes.  To mediate an overdose:  eat root vegetables such as potato, beet, carrot, taro, gobo, turnip, ginger, sweet potato, yam, etc. Your bare feet on the earth,  a walk on the beach, swim in the ocean connects you to the earth's electromagnetic field, the Shumann resonance.

Your brain changes with each LENS, so overdose cannot be anticipated. Overdose means more reorganization is occurring than comfortable.   Re-rating your top 10 issues objectively records LENS changes to your original LENS intake. It is an objective measure, which provides an additional map on progress.   Regardless if  you sense any change, your brain maps record your brain changes with each LENS.  

LENS Package

Package of 10 sessions

A $45 LENS consists of up to 5 brain sites.  

10 sessions is  discounted from $450 to $425      [+$15 for 6-10 sites]

A $60 LENS consists of 6-10 brain sites. 

10  sessions is discounted from $600 to $575   [+$20 for 11-21 sites]


Questions & Answers

1.  Can LENS cause a seizure?   It's 4000 times gentler than your cell phone so if you use a cell phone, which sends a signal 4000 times stronger than LENS,  your cell phone is far more likely to cause a seizure.   If your cell hasn't caused a seizure, it's unlikely LENS could cause a seizure.   

2.  How many LENS do I need?  It depends on your condition and your goals. Some individuals with traumatic brain injury or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can recover in 5 sessions. Complex traumas require combined therapies over 12 sessions.  After LENS introduction weekly, we move to  bi-monthly, monthly, 2-month refreshers, or as needed.   Targeting dose can take a few sessions depending on the accuracy of subjective questionnaires.  The amount of stress you experience will affect your LENS:  LENS can reorganize and optimize your brain functioning but it cannot prevent new stressors from impacting your brain.   People in  abusive relationships, conflictual work environments,  with triggers, working in overload/burn-out may seek  LENS as needed.  

3.  What drives the cost of LENS?

The cost of the technology and the cost of trainings.  It is an additional cutting edge specialization. Dr Au PhD is the only LENS provider on Oahu. Dr Wang MD provides LENS on Big Island.  LENS affects emotions and behavior faster than cognitive behavioral therapy, which can take years without resolving traumas. It can cut rapid trauma therapy time in half by contributing to  suppression opening.  Currently no other technology exists that achieves results as fast, or with as little effort.

4.  What ages do you LENS?

Ages 3-80.  However,  some individuals, often age 60 and over,  may require a hormone evaluation and rebalancing.   Hormones drive brain function. Unless your hormones are adequate to drive brain reorganization, stimulating your brain to reorganize is moot.  Once hormonally rebalanced, any prior LENS will kick in.

5.  How long does it take and what can I anticipate?

Set-up and take-down take longer than the LENS application, which is a few seconds.   Everyone's brain 'customizes' reorganization so outcome is unique to each individual. Some common effects are clearer thinking, better focus, ability to sustain attention, ability to get more done, easier to initiate and complete tasks.  Most people notice nothing during application but behave more positively after LENS. We do not LENS when ill. Some people with sub-clinical illness experience negative thoughts and feelings flushing.  When initial effects appear to worsen before improving, the reorganization process  opens suppression so unresolved thoughts and feelings may surface;  how much or how fast depends on how strong the dose and your brain's ability to efficiently reorganize.

Low Energy Neurofeedback, LENS

Low Energy Neurofeedback facilitates change faster than any existing Neurofeedback

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Processing Trauma & Changing Behavior

You will know a trigger occurred when unpredictable, uncontrollable emotions overwhelm you. By resolving the causal trauma, triggers collapse like dominos.   Where negative feelings formerly controlled you, absent triggered reactions allow for more functional behaviors to  emerge.   You can resolve lifelong fears/phobias quickly, whether a contained event, multiple issues or pervasive issues throughout childhood.  Resolving causal issues  relieves your body of cellularly stored trauma. 

EMDR Treatment for Trauma

EMDR is twice as effective in less than half the time compared to traditional psychotherapy (Kaiser study). It is  used at Menninger Clinic to  rapidly diffuse trauma, PTSD, phobias, panic, anxiety disorders, mediate addiction and compulsive behaviors, rage,  grief, loss, shame, fears. Each trauma process can surface other traumas, until the system is clear.   Resolving trauma shifts perception, alters behavior, gives you the option to develop more productive coping mechanisms. EMDR opens suppressed memories, expands insights, provides an overview.  Activated feelings can be felt  prior fading in resolution in trauma therapies. 

EMDR is in the Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2004),  the Veterans Administration (VA, 2004), the  Dept. of Defense (DoD, 2010), and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is  'Strongly recommended for Trauma.' 

Trauma Therapy Brainstorm: LENS

Low Energy Neurofeedback System, LENS, promotes neuroplasticity.  It is applied in seconds, uses dys-entrainment unlike EEG Neuroback (30-45 min brain training) or former neurofeedback models. Effects are noticed immediately by very sensitive clients, within 48 hr by most clients.   Unlike  therapist directed entrainment in EEG Neuro-feedback,  LENS allows your brain to seek it's own optimization resulting in customized improvements.  LENS increases ease and clarity of functioning. It reduces trauma treatment  time, improves cognitive impairment, opens suppression revealing blocked capabilities,  improves mood, energy, mental stamina, initiative, motivation, stress recovery, among other things.

LENS' signal is 4,000x weaker than your cell phone signal. It's significantly gentler than your phone signal.   Similar to clearing cache on a PC, your brain optimizes as it reorganizes, customized by your brain's wisdom.  Unexpected gains often occur in addition to target symptom resolution.    

LENS  responses differ  per individual because brain reorganization is individually unique.  LENS opens suppression, unsuppressing repressed emotions/memories. Increased relaxation, alertness, increased productivity, energy, ease initiating action, completing more tasks in less time, better coordination are common effects. Each LENS builds upon the next cumulatively.  With a few individuals, a cumulative effect is needed to notice any effect.     

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Trauma Therapies

Low Energy Neurofeedback System, LENS,  Oahu provider

 Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, EMDR certified.

Brainspotting Practitioner 

 Thought Field Therapy, TFT 

Algorithm certified.

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, EFT.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Is it Abuse?  Yes if...

1. You're walking on eggshells. You are confused, don't know why.

2. You're depressed, don't know why.

3.  You don't know what's wrong with you:  You feel alone in relationship.

Emotional abuse undermines self- esteem, confidence, motivation, autonomy, identity, independence  with daily, insidious brainwashing. 

4. Victims prioritize abuser feelings at the cost of their own feelings. They comply despite disagreeing,  too afraid of their abuser to question, comment, or inform; which are all heard as challenges.

5. You are afraid to speak up, but don't know why, feel frequently stunned, Caught off guard, Confused.

6.    You feel disparaged, minimized, a burden, disrespected, rejected.

 Verbal abuse replays internally, immobilizes you with doubt and fear.

7. You are afraid of your partner. Feel   emotionally crippled,  psychologically blocked, threatened with  harm.

Property abuse, pet abuse are emotional abuse.  It  destroys your sense of who you are, who you are capable of being, engenders feelings of helplessness, cripples your personal empowerment. 






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I didn't realize it could work so fast. Things don't bother me, I'm not overwhelmed. I'm sleeping better.  She went from a D-F student to an A student overnight. I'm myself again (after Traumatic Brain Injury).  My memory, mood, energy improved. I think faster, get more done, I'm more productive.  I can see what's happening, it used to confuse me.  I came in burnt out, the fog lifted, I'm fine. My comprehension, retention, performance improved.  I'm happy, energetic, after crying and unable to get out of bed 2-months.


The anniversaries of deaths don't bother me. People notice I behave differently. I don't run away any more, I can discuss things.  I use words  instead of exploding.  Angry women don't scare me anymore.   My rage is gone; I don't get angry anymore. I used words I didn't know I had instead of just saying things  impulsively. I don't feel controlled any more, I can be me. I caught my irritation, thought about it, apologized, when before I'd blame and escalate.  I'm sleeping better, my memory is better. My body reacted viscerally, I felt it throughout.


I was having the panic attack I had last night, but it just disappeared: post TFT. I was released from ER with meds that don't work: I've PTSD from childhood sexual trauma.  Post TFT:  I don't know what happened. It disappeared.  I've been crying compulsively last couple days.  I  feel better.   I can't stop obsessing about the abuse in rehab.  Post TFT:  I can't find it,  I don't care about it.


I had it wrong. I thought I needed dad's approval but I needed to approve of myself,  to get his approval.  Flushing:  I forgot about that memory.  Involuntary shaking: I'm not doing that.






1986-1989  Corrections OCCC, Halawa

1992-1996 Families, CPS, DOH

1997-1998 Addictions Women's Prison

1998-2009 Children, DOE, DOH

2010-2012 Guam Superior Court                    Guam Behavioral Health

2013-2014 Military Counseling

2014-2015 Counseling Center

2014-present:   Private Practice





To resolve issues rapidly with minimal angst.  To facilitate spontaneous behavioral change with minimal client-therapist effort. 

To maximize potential, to sprout creativity through healing of emotions and causal traumas. 

To eliminate lifelong patterns formed in childhood that govern expectations, goals, mood, behavior.  To free the encumbered soul to be all it can be. 

To support individuals with cutting edge therapies to expedite their journey toward their goals.  





1. EMDR takes how long?

 1-2 session average per issue

2. LENS takes how long? Some notice effects immediately.   Others notice little until their goal is achieved. Application occurs in seconds. 

3. How to expedite therapy? Combine LENS prior any trauma therapy. Or use TFT when fully activated.

4.  Length of therapy? Depends: some want ongoing support, some weekly until their goal is achieved, others LENS as needed.   Biweekly sessions can alleviate severe, intense, complex traumas. 12 sessions average alleviates lifelong entrenched patterns.


Trauma Resolution is Prevention Not Crisis Intervention 

Cutting edge trauma therapies resolve issues/traumas which eliminates unpredictable triggers, overwhelming negative emotions.  Trauma Therapy is preventive, Not crisis intervention.  I resolve crises only in scheduled session.  Post trauma therapy,  psycho-education and skill building can develop effective behaviors to replace former reactions.   

 I  do not respond to crisis calls.   If you are in crisis,  call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  Crises are triggered events, symptoms.  Symptomatic interventions as anti-depressants, anxiolytics, major tranquilizers, can inadvertently block  trauma resolution.  LENS works regardless of medication. 

Please bring  all questions into session.  You will have my undivided attention. 

No detailed or clinical information provided on phone or text.

Please do not come in when ill.  We do not LENS when ill. 

COVID-19 Update

We are taking every precaution to keep you safe by wiping surfaces, using a 99.9% antiviral spray, running two antiviral air filters in the therapy room, using essential oils with antiviral properties in diffusers, and keeping in-office sessions brief. A LENS-only session consists of LENS application only. We are doing EMDR, TFT, CBT and DBT in virtual therapy sessions. 

We are limiting the number of people in the waiting room to only persons with the next appointment. If you are transporting, dropping off or picking up, please wait in your car, downstairs or in front of the building. 

If you have a cold, sore-throat, fever, or feel unwell on the day of your LENS: 

  1. Do not come in. We do not LENS when ill or under the weather.
  2. You will not be charged a cancellation fee.

John Hopkins University Hospital regarding COVID-19

The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule, RNA, covered by a protective layer of lipid/fat, which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code (mutation) and converts them into aggressor and multiplier cells. A protein molecule is not killed but decays on its own. Disintegration time depends on temperature, humidity, and type of material it lies in.

The virus is very fragile. The only thing protecting it is a thin outer layer of fat. This is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy. Soap or detergent foam cuts the fat; scrub for 20 seconds or more to create foam.  Heat melts fat so use water above 25 degrees celsius to wash hands, clothes, dishes, everything. Pure peroxide dissolves the virus protein.

  1. No bactericide or antibiotic works: The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; antibiotics cannot kill what is not alive.
  2. Never shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth. The virus disintegrates between 3 hr on porous fabric, 4 hr on copper and wood, 24 hr on cardboard, 42 hr on metal, and 72 hr on plastic.
  3. If you shake a cloth or use a feather duster, the virus molecules are released into the air to be breathed. It can lodge in your nose or contact your eyes.
  4. The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold as in air conditioners in houses or cars. The virus needs moisture and darkness to remain stable. Therefore dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.
  5. UV LIGHT on any object that may contain the virus breaks it down. Be careful, UV light also breaks down collagen, a protein, in the skin.
  6. The virus cannot go through healthy skin.
  7. Vinegar is not useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.
  8. The more confined the space, the greater a concentration of the virus there can be. The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.
  9. Wash your hands before and after blowing your nose, touching food, locks, knobs, switches, remote controls, cell phones, watches, computers, desks, TV, and when using the bathroom.
  10. Keep your nails short so the virus does not hide there.—John Hopkins Hospital